Paul Malikkal


Steve Jobs (2015)

Paul Malikkal

Steve Jobs is as much saved by its Sorkinisms as it is hurt by them. Nobody could've mined such entertaining dialogue from this premise. Hearing these characters' verbal sparring is about as entertaining as any action flick I've ever seen. But Steve Jobs provides little else aside from that entertainment. One would assume that Sorkin chose to set the film in three clearly demarcated, self-contained sections in order to give us a character study rather than a traditional biopic. But this is the movie's greatest shortcoming. I find that both Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg (the character that is) are caricatures given one nuance so they seem like they have depth. Zuckerberg is a self-righteous, genius who invents Facebook. His one nuance is that deep down he just wants people to like him. Jobs is also a sharp-tongued visionary, but his nuance is that he really cares about his daughter but refuses to show it. Perhaps Sorkin thinks these nuances save his characters from feeling one-note, but they're not enough to save the movie. Steve Jobs fails at the one thing it's supposed to do, which is tell us who Steve Jobs was. But there's plenty of snappy dialogue and great performances to distract you.

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