Paul Malikkal


Krisha (2016)

Paul Malikkal

I find it fascinating that once a director has captured the naturalistic rhythms of day-to-day interactions, he can imbue them with whatever essence he chooses. Up-and-comer Trey Edward Shults uppercuts familial cordiality with mounting dread from the first shot, a mesmerizingly lengthy tracking shot.Shults oscillates between delirium and realism with the poise of a much more seasoned filmmaker. He's mastered both the kineticism of Scorsese and Paul Thomas Anderson and the rawness of John Cassavetes, but Krisha is unmistakably a Trey Edward Shults film.However, Krisha's primarily non-professional cast is as integral to the film’s triumph as Shults is. Krisha Fairchild creates a harrowingly well-realized character. Bill Wise and Robyn Fairchild also dazzle in their supporting roles.I desperately hope that Krisha doesn't fall through the cracks of 2016. I'm already anxiously awaiting Shults' next film.

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